Living Wage Pledge, a note from our owner:

To pay or not to pay — a living wage? Anyone that has ever owned or owns a small business knows the stress of making payroll. At the end of the day, payroll heavily influences the costs of your goods and services and, of course, your bottom line — and our nightly rental business is no different. At the moment the federal minimum wage sits at $7.25hr — where it has been since 2009. We made the decision several years ago to pay a living wage of $15hr (minimum) to every full-time employee — note a big chunk of our two dozen + employees earn well-above a living wage. We are not suggesting every employer pays a living wage — (which means people can get married, start families, buy land and homes, and contribute more to communities), but for us, it has resulted in happier, more productive team members that stay longer with the company. Attracting the best talent is priority #1 for us — it’s simple business calculus.


For us, we leverage our higher wages to improve the quality of our service and our brand. Said differently, we’d be out of business — or at least less competitive — if we simply paid a living wage and didn’t bake it into our DNA — our ethos if you will. Because of this, every team member is hyper-aware of the importance of guest experience from housekeeping to landscaping to bookings all the way down to whether a picture is perfectly straight on a wall. Every touchpoint for the guest matters — and while we don’t always get it right, we work very hard to make it right and build on our shortfalls and mistakes. And because of this, our brand has grown and our organic bookings have increased without raising our prices — and most importantly, team members feel they are truly part of a team that cares about them and their family. Often the right thing to do is the right thing for everyone — business included. Peace out. 

As of June of 2020, we now pay a minimum living salary of $40,000 a yr to any full-time
employee - regardless of job - that 
has been with us for at least 9 months. Leaning forward.

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