Newsletter - June 2018

Hi Friendo,

We are excited and proud to announce we are hosting the Sotol Festival April 12-13, 2019.  If you've never heard of the spirit Sotol, you soon will. Unlike it's cousin tequila - a drink some of us are familiar with - Sotol is not made from Agave plants but from another desert plant called Dasylirion, also known as desert spoon.  We will be celebrating the history and tradition of Sotol, traditional sotol making, tasting, music, activities, fun, and more.  This will be an annual event.  We will provide more information as we get all the logistics worked out.  We can tell you Mike and the Moonpies are the Headline Band and there will be music all weekend long. 

On to the "Bubbles", yes, it's true, we are adding Bubbles to Basecamp.  What a great way to

enjoy our amazing night skies!  The bubble houses will include full bath, queen bed, refrigerator, Keurig, outdoor fire pit, shade and more. If you want more information and notification on when they will become available click here.

We are on target with construction Casa Patron and Anejo - with our first guests already booked for October 1st.  Casa Patron will be our first 2 bedroom house with living/dining area and a full kitchen.  We have already had a great response from you.  Thanks!!  You can get additional information by visiting our website.  

Dia De Los Muertos – Terlingua

November 02, 2018

Come celebrate the Day of the Dead in Terlingua! It’s a Terlingua tradition to meet at sunset on November 2nd at the Historic Cemetery in the Terlingua Ghost Town to light candles and make offerings to loved ones long past, remember old friends and make new ones as everyone visits and honors those who’ve gone before them. come experience a local tradition that is as unique as Terlingua itself.

If you are planning a trip to the Big Bend area for Dia de los Muertos (Nov 2), The Chili Cookoff, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, or Spring Break 2019, get to it, we are filling up fast.

View properties and availability: Basecamp Terlingua Nuevo Terlingua Agave Terlingua

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Peace out.


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